Marijo Foehrle
9 - 24/10 2010
Teckningar, foto, installation och video

« I dont need to sense the thing that i am drawing. Is it fluid and soft, or spiky and hard.
Is it coiled like a spring, or off-center and assymetric, or is it solid and balanced.
Gesture drawing tends to be done rapidly. Loose, often circular marks capture the flow of forms.
Look at the whole object and notice points of tension, direction of weight or pressure, spaces, protrusions into space.
Every thought is an object, and vice versa. There are no hierarchy between the two terms, the two functions :
a forest full of human or animal presence, a forest empty of all human or animal presence.
At last, in giving us the desire to become alive, man, woman, child, animal, vegetable, again. »

Marijo Foehrlé 2009

Några bilder från utställningen och hängningen ...

Marijo och hennes gallerist Jan Linder.

Missa inte källaren, Marijo coh Shakespeare i skön samverkan ...





Bilder från finissaget ...

Ylva-Maria Thompson bloggar om utställningen [1], [2]



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